Medisoft’s vision is to transform the practice of ophthalmology by means of advanced technology. Medisoft was founded in 1997 by Robert Johnston, a consultant ophthalmologist, and his brother David Johnston, who brought commercial and marketing experience from the pharmaceutical industry. They combined their knowledge to form a software company with the sole focus of ophthalmology.

Our award-winning electronic medical record (EMR) system supports every aspect of ophthalmic assessment and treatment. Continuous development over two decades has made Medisoft one of the world's leading EMRs. Medisoft designs, develops and supports software which is currently used by over 150 hospitals around the globe.

Installation, training and technical support are provided in-house: all our staff receive thorough clinical training. We advise eye departments worldwide on delivering process and efficiency improvements through paperless working and shared care. Our clinical modules are designed and tested by practising ophthalmologists.

Our UK helpdesk offers friendly and expert support to all our users. We answer 99% of calls within five rings, the majority being resolved at the time of enquiry.

In Memoriam Rob Johnston

Rob, co-founder of Medisoft and a full-time consultant ophthalmologist, provided clinical input to the design of Medisoft's software and analytics. A key opinion leader in cataract and medical retina, Rob led the development of several UK and international standards as well as helped launch The Royal College of Ophthalmologists' National Ophthalmology Database, one of the world's richest ophthalmic data repositories.

Rob published numerous peer-reviewed papers on real-world clinical outcomes using data derived through the routine use of Medisoft's software, and frequently presented at international conferences on how clinical data can support research, audit and revalidation.

Why have over 5,000 health professionals chosen Medisoft?

Here are just a handful of reasons:

  1. Medisoft provides clinicians with all the patient information they need at the touch of a button. Interactive clinical summaries display years of history on a single page.

  2. Audits of activity and clinical outcomes across thousands of patients can be produced in seconds.

  3. Recording common ophthalmic procedures takes seconds. More than 600,000 procedures were recorded last year alone and our systems automatically generated one million letters to patients and referring physicians.

  4. We are passionate about ophthalmic research and have helped our customers to deliver some of the world’s largest observational studies.

  5. We can deliver cost savings from day one: ask about our ‘pay-as-you-save’ pricing!